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Breaking News!

I got a final call from IIM Ahmedabad!

Immediate feeling after I got the result on phone (as the website was clogged): Is this man joking?
I did not expect this call. My interview was really good, probably even better than what I thought, but this conversion makes me the guy with the lowest GPA at IIT Delhi to convert an IIMA call in the last FOUR years! I am happy, OBVIOUSLY.

Woven by amon, 06:18 pm
Wednesday, April 06, 2005

June 5, 2007   01:49 AM PDT
i am from iit roorkee and certainly not very good at academics...what was your cgpa ?
April 14, 2005   10:55 AM PDT
I just came to know that you got through THE IIMA.Truly amazing!!!Congrats!
April 10, 2005   01:50 PM PDT
So ... will you be joining IIMA ? If yes, will meet you there. :)
April 10, 2005   01:42 PM PDT
So ... will you be joining IIMA ? If yes ... will meet you there.
April 8, 2005   09:19 PM PDT
Thanks everyone!
April 8, 2005   02:37 AM PDT
congs... boy am I inspired abt tht C.G. record !! wht abt ur plan of joining IIM-B ?coz recalling from ur article ".... they chose fuller life to academic glory..."
April 8, 2005   01:18 AM PDT
congrats yaaaaar !!!!
April 8, 2005   12:10 AM PDT
totally awesome...congratulations!
Now you can finish of ur imdb list in peace ;)
April 7, 2005   09:43 PM PDT
Congrats..and stop being so goddamn modest..u have every right to gloat about it, for once! now for IIMB
April 7, 2005   05:56 PM PDT
Wow! Congratulations.
April 7, 2005   02:02 PM PDT
Hey, congratulations.

Now go right ahead and make plans to raid/increase the capacity of the LAN there. ;-)
April 7, 2005   12:00 PM PDT
Congrats! :)
April 6, 2005   11:30 PM PDT
Congrats! You're an inspiration for Poor Academians like myself everywhere:D
April 6, 2005   07:16 PM PDT
Just remembered - IIMA not your first choice ?? Bah. Maybe I should start the ol' lecture now.
April 6, 2005   07:15 PM PDT
Congrats !! Somehow had a feeling you'd make it :-)

Maybe I'll meet you at the Delhi fachcha party??

Some lucky company is going to clean up at the BEQ a couple of years from now..

Enjoy the high..
Mala (PGP 2001)
April 6, 2005   06:27 PM PDT
especially for setting the CGPA record. This'll encourage more of your juniors to actively follow co-currics. Which, IMHO, is good for a wholesome learning environment.

Now you have a good backup option :p

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