Entry: Spook! Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I have meant to talk about this for long, but used to forget everytime I did get down to post something. I don't know if this thing happens with you (and in that case might sound very funny), but it does happen to me very frequently, in fact it happened thrice yesterday itself. And it's kinda spooky.

When I am out, mostly walking down a road, there are times I mistake a person for someone else when I see him/her from a distance. Say I see a person A from about 100 metres and mistake him for another person B, and then when I get closer I realise it was A and not B. This happens at times even when there's almost no resemblance between A and B. Now what is funny is that after I have moved a little further ahead, a few minutes later, I actually come across the person B! This happens most often when I am walking to or from my institute. Of course it used to happen quite frequently earlier, before coming to college, too. After I began noticing these odd coincidences, at times I would expect to come across the person B, but in the cases where I consciously expected B, he wouldn't turn up.
It's curious that I mistake one person for another so often despite a perfectly fine eyesight, but what is even more curious is that the person that I mistake the actual person for almost invariably turns up later. Psychic or psychotic?


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April 8, 2005   11:16 PM PDT
We mistake people all the time. Its just that the times when we actually bump into B that we realise something weird has happened.
April 7, 2005   07:45 PM PDT
I'd say both psychic and psychotic!!:D
just kidding...
I guess this happens with a lot of people all the time.
April 6, 2005   11:56 AM PDT
Yes, even I liked it better than A Fistful of Dollars. In fact I also thought that it was better than Rashomon.
April 6, 2005   02:13 AM PDT
so... did u like yojimbo? i felt it was much better than sergio leone's version...and i also downloaded chinatown today

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